Upgrading from Control Techniques Unidrive SP to Control Techniques Unidrive M
Upgrading from Control Techniques Unidrive SP to Control Techniques Unidrive M Upgrading from Unidrive SP and Commander SK AC Drives Nidec (Control Techniques) Selangor, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur (KL), Seri Kembangan Supplier, Suppliers, Supply, Supplies | Socos Engineering Sdn Bhd
Unidrive M600 and Unidrive M700 offer significant enhancements over Unidrive SP. Improvements have been made to performance, hardware, programming and software.
  • Compatibility


    • Compatible physical dimensions, weights and surface mount footprint

    • When retrofitting surface mount drives, existing mounting holes can be reused - negating the need for additional drilling. Mounting holes are in the same place or retrofit kits are available


    • Power and control wiring adopt the same philosophy as Unidrive SP


    • The same menu and parameter structure is adopted by Unidrive M

    • Unidrive M connect can be used to transfer parameters from Unidrive SP to Unidrive M

    Software programs

    • SI-Applications option modules can compile SyPTPro programs for Unidrive M
  • Performance

    Performance Innovations

    • Unidrive M600 and M700 improve productivity with enhanced motor control algorithms which are combined with the latest microprocessor technology

      • More than double the current loop bandwidth for demanding performance applications

      • New sensorless control of permanent magnet motors for applications that require maximum efficiency and reduced motor size

    • Maximize machine throughput with an onboard Advanced Machine Controller (AMC) which can be easily set up to deliver faster, more precise, dynamic machine operation

    • Integrated dual port Ethernet switch which supports Ethernet I/P as well as standard Ethernet open protocols such as TCP/IP and UDP

      • RTMoE (Real Time Motion over Ethernet) provides synchronized communication between drives using the Precision Time Protocol as defined by IEEE1588 V2

    • Faster switching frequencies of up to 16 kHz in systems up to 160 kW (250 hp) and 8 kHz in systems up to 250 kW (400 hp)

  • Programming and Software
    • MCi200 and MCi210 options provide advanced second processors to execute PLC programs for multi-axis machine control. Programs can be created quickly and easily using Machine Control Studio

    • Unidrive M supports standard SD cards for cloning and backing up parameters and application programs

    • Keypads are equipped with multi-lingual real-text displays to provide faster, easier programming with helpful descriptions of diagnostic information and drive parameters

    • SI-Applications modules compile and run SyPTPro application programs. This assists the migration of standalone applications as well as Unidrive SPs that form part of a CTNet or CTSync network

    • Unidrive M has a menu and programming structure that is consistent with Unidrive SP

    • Parameter sets can be transferred from SP to M using the Unidrive M Connect software tool and Smartcards

  • Hardware

    Hardware Innovations

    • Higher power range – Unidrive M modular systems can now reach 2.8 MW with up to 250 kW in a single power module

    • A low switching frequency of 2 kHz can be selected to maximize the output power of large drives

    • Unidrive M’s DC bus schemes use a dedicated bus bar arrangement for side-by-side mounting and can eliminate the need for many power input components

    • Unidrive M has conformal coated PCBs to ensure increased resilience in harsh environments

    • Greater onboard encoder connection flexibility eliminates the need to purchase additional encoder or resolver option modules. Universal encoder port has been extended to enable two inputs, more encoder types and a simulated encoder output

    • Higher power density with more compact drives

    • A new low power standby mode to reduce energy usage when Unidrive M is idle

    • Unidrive M702 has a dual channel SIL3/PLe ‘Safe Torque Off’ (STO) input

  • Lifecycle

    Unidrive M is capable of fully replacing and enhancing Unidrive SP installations. Therefore, Unidrive SP is moving into next stage of its lifecycle.

    Unidrive SP entered the maintenance period in 2017, volume production has now ceased, but contractual obligations regarding warranty, service and repairs will continue.

    The maintenance period is expected to last ten years subject to raw material and component availability. Updates will be issued to customers throughout the lifecycle period. Local sales representatives are always available to answer any customer queries.

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